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We offer a variety of container sizes depending on the type of plant for which you are looking. Evergreens, flowering shrubs, deciduous plants and broad leaf evergreens are grown in a #2, #3, #5, #7, and #10. Occasionally we will have some material in a #6. Shrub roses are sold in #2 and #3 size containers.  Fruit and shade trees are mostly offered in a #7 with some available in a #15. Japanese Maples are sold in #5, #7, #10 and #15 size containers. Our groundcovers are sold in a 36 count flat. Our line of perennials includes 8” and #2 sizes. The majority of our perennials are in a true 1-gallon 8” pot with the exception of Dianthus that we grow in a #1 pot (only 6"). 

There is a minimum freight rate that is calculated by the customer's location and is based on the number of units on the order.  Once the number of units exceeds the minimum freight rate the remaining rate is calculated by the size of the container and is different for each freight zone. 

Home Nursery prides itself as having a very generous grading system.  All of our saleable plants meet and most of the time exceeds standards set by the American Nursery & Landscape Association.  We do our best to maintain accurate sizing on our availabilities, but as you know plants never stop growing and from time to time we may be off a bit.

Our goal is to make your life headache free.  We know things happen from time to time so if you have an issue with a delivery please call our customer service department at (618) 248-5194 or contact your sales representative.

Being centrally located within 250 miles of several major Midwest markets gives us the opportunity to reach our customers pretty quickly.  For our St. Louis and Metro East markets a 2-3 day turn around is our goal.  For companies in markets outside the St. Louis area we like to reach you in a week or less. 

We work hard at building the most efficient route when planning our deliveries.  Full loads are obviously easier to schedule and multiple stops on a truck make delivery times a bit longer. If you have an emergency and need something quick please contact us and we’ll see how we can help.