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Making the world a better place through our plants and our people

At Home Nursery, we believe developing best practices for environmental sustainability is an important step towards reducing our carbon footprint, better serving our customers, and leaving the world a better place for the following generations. We have established a quality team that is studying how our products and processes impact our land, employees, community, and industry.

We will be creating an evolving strategy to help us make meaningful and cost-effective decisions to become a better steward to our environment. We will look for applicable opportunities and continue internal and external conversations about how to achieve our goals.

Our success will be initially measured in evidence of waste reduction, recycling practices, and increased participation among our Home Nursery employees. We look forward to fostering a culture of sustainability through education and engagement of both our employees and customers.


Sustainability Practices at Home Nursery

  • The main farm and Albers distribution center is 99% solar powered thanks to our solar panel installation in 2016
  • The plastic covering our hoop houses each winter is recycled locally and used as trash bags in Busch Stadium
  • Run off water is collected in ditches and flows back into our irrigation ponds to be reused
  • Recycling efforts at the main farm begun in 2020, and we now recycle cans, bottles, paper, glass, & plastic
  • When possible, we reuse any plastic pots we can for as long as they will hold up. All our in house propagated plant material is grown in previously used pots.
  • As a company, we heavily promote pollinator friendly plants, especially during National Pollinator week in June with our Pollinator Rack Program that has already doubled in size from 2020 to 2021
  • 100% decomposable peat pots are currently being trialed at the farm with select perennials and grasses


Click here to see a live look at our solar panels!

Pollinators at Home Nursery