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100 Year Anniversary

~Celebrated in 2021

     This year marks a major milestone for our company as we are celebrating 100 years in business! This is an accomplishment for which we are extremely proud. For one century, Home Nursery has dedicated itself to a high level of service to customers, focused on growing the highest quality plants and supporting our community and industry. I truly believe that my grandfather, uncle and father would be very proud to see what Home Nursery looks like in 2021. The same values, traditions and commitments of the early years still ring true today.

     100 years ago, Home Nursery started out as dream by a young, determined, visionary Czech immigrant who had a passion for agriculture. Our founder, Ernest Tosovsky Sr., believed strongly in education, community service and helping those less fortunate. His vocation allowed him the opportunity to serve his community as well as teach people in other countries through Rotary International. He built his business on the basis of trust, honesty, hard work and respect and expected the same in return. A handshake sealed the deal and customers were not just customers, they became lifelong friends.

     It is truly a blessing to be a part of a family business that has persevered for 100 years and is still continuing to grow and prosper. This achievement is held by very few companies in business today! One of the biggest strengths of our organization is the support and dedication we have received from our family of employees. 100’s of employees over the 100 years have left their footprint, molding us into who we are today. Who would have known how many lives have been impacted by this family business.

     We are immensely grateful for the relationships we have built with our customers and excited that you are on this journey with us! Thank you for believing in our products and services and choosing us to be your business partner. We certainly couldn’t be where we are without you.

     I’m looking forward to sharing this accomplishment with our customers and employees. So excited, that we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary throughout all of 2021! There are many events and activities being planned as we speak. Our festivities will be focused on celebrating our employees, thanking our customers, and giving back to our community.

     Together, we are building momentum, setting our eyes on the future and striving for greatness! Thank you for being a part of the Home Nursery family. Let’s make 2021 a fabulous year and set the stage for the next 100 years!

Ann Tosovsky President

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years - 99/100

We plan to celebrate this significant milestone throughout the year with “100 Ways,” which are activities planned to commemorate our 100-year anniversary. Some of the actions will include recognizing & thanking employees & customers, philanthropic opportunities, and giving back to the communities & the industry.

Home Nursery, Inc. 100 Year Video