Check Out All The Awesome Plants We Offer!

Growing the best plants for our customers is our top priority.  We take pride in the quality of plant material that ends up in our customers' retail displays, distribution centers as well as landscaped yards.  We grow a large selection of plant material focusing on plants that grow well in our hardiness zone.  We also supplement our product mix with plants grown in other parts of the country that are hardy in our area so you can find just about everything you need right here at Home!

Our product mix includes:

Abelia Arborvitae Agastache
Aesculus Chamacypress Amsonia
Aronia Hemlock Aster
Barberry Juniper Astilbe
Buddleia Microbiota Baptisia
Callicarpa Pine (dwarf) Brunnera
Caryopteris Pine Baptisia
Clethra Spruce Coreopsis
Cotoneaster Taxus Dianthus
Crapemyrtle BROADLEAF EVERGREENS Echinacea
Diervilla Boxwood Fern
Dogwood Ilex Ornamental Grass
Euonymus Nandina Gaillardia
Forsythia Pieris Geranium
Fothergilla TREES Hemerocallis
Hibiscus Birch Heuchera
Hydrangea Cherry weeping Hibiscus
Ilex Dogwood Hosta
Itea Heptacodium Leucanthemum
Lilac Japanese Maple Liriope
Physocarpus Maple Monarda
Potentilla Magnolia Nepeta
Privet Crabapple Phlox
Prunus Pear Salvia
Rhus Prunus  Scabiosa
Salix Red Bud Sedge
Sambucus Willow Sedum
Spirea PATIO TREES Veronica
Viburnum Tree Hibiscus GROUND COVER
Weigela Tree Hydrangea Ajuga
Azalea Tree Lilac Ivy
Rhododendron Tree Rose  Pachysandra
Shrub Roses FRUIT TREES Sedum
    Oso Easy Apricot Vinca
    Knock Out Apple Wintercreeper
    Drift Cherry  
VINES Peach  
Hydrangea Pear   
Wisteria Plum