Blueberries Are Looking Great and Ready To Ship!!


Bluecrop Blueberry – Growing 4-6 feet high with an upright, open habit, Bluecrop is generally considered the best all around variety for adaptability, long production period, good fruit yield and disease resistance.  Ripening mid-season, the large berries have that classic sweet taste one associates with blueberries.  Bluecrop grows well in zones 4-7 and displays red fall coloring. Available in #5

Blueray Blueberry – Another mid-season variety, Blueray reaches the same height as Bluecrop.  However, Blueray is somewhat more tolerant of hot summers and cold winters, performing well in zones 3-7.  The huge berries growing abundantly on the upright, open branches and the fall display of bright red and yellow foliage make this variety a welcome plant in any garden.  Available in #5

 Top Hat Blueberry – This compact, mounded lowbush blueberry shrub only reaches 1.5-2 feet in height and width, making it ideal for containers and patio gardens.  Top Hat performs well in zones 3-7, ripening mid-season.  The berries are smaller, but packed with flavor and perfect for muffins.  Fall brings a mini-explosion of reddish-orange foliage. Available in #5

Pink Lemonade Blueberry – A rabbiteye hybrid, Pink Lemonade grows best in zones 5-9.   These 4-5 foot plants produce pink blueberries (pinkberries?) that ripen mid to late season.  A unique garden specimen that is sure to draw the eye.  Like many self-fertile blueberry plants, Pink Lemonade sets fruit better when planted with other rabbiteye blueberries.  Available in #5

Darrow Blueberry – A late-season ripening variety, Darrow produces giant berries on upright branches with an open growth habit.  And what berries!  Darrow produces some of the largest berries of any cultivar – some large enough to cover a quarter.  At 4-6 feet in height, these plants will need some room to grow, but the juicy, robust flavor of the fruit and red-orange fall foliage display are worth every square inch. Available in #5