Who We Are and What We Do.....

Home Nursery is a Midwest wholesale nursery grower that is family owned and supplies the independent garden center, landscape contractor and distribution center in the horticulture trade. We also operate two distribution centers in the St. Louis metro area, one located at our main growing facility in Albers, Illinois and the other located in O'Fallon, Missouri.

We know it sounds cliché, but a fact’s a fact! We really do provide our customers with top quality container and balled and burlap nursery stock and customer service and have been doing so for over 90 years!  We pride ourselves on being a family-owned, third generation business that believes in creating strong and lasting relationships with our customers. 

When it comes to our "claim to fame" we have always been well known for growing an awesome Taxus, yet we are so much more than Taxus!  We grow over 600 varieties of container and field grown plants:

Flowering Shrubs                Shrub Roses
Upright Junipers                  Perennials
Broadleaf Evergreens        Hostas/Grasses
   Evergreens                     Groundcovers

Location, Location, Location!  Being centrally located in the Midwest and approximately 250 miles of several major markets like Indianapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville and Louisville, gives us a great opportunity to reach our customers in a week or less. The St. Louis metro area is right in our back yard so we can reach our customers there even faster!

Our goal is to help you become more successful in your business by sharing the knowledge and experiences we gain from industry events, horticultural practices as well as things we are learning from our customers, fellow growers and suppliers. We invite you to "Dig" a little deeper on our website and see what we're all about.

Check out our Plants, People, and Featured Products below 

     describe the image Keith_our_people  Proven Winners Physocarpus summer wind