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What the heck is a Heucherella?

Posted by Chloe Smith

I keep seeing this word ‘heucherella,’ is this a typo? Should it say heuchera? If you have ever found yourself asking, ‘what in the heck is a heucherella?’ than this blog post is for you!

              Heucherella is not a typo at all. It is actually a combination of Heuchera and Tiarella which makes sense as it is a cross between these two native perennials. The common name, foamy bells, is also a combination of the two common names: coral bells and foam flower respectively. The resulting plant has better resistance to rust disease and generally a better tolerance of heat and humidity. Not to mention the vibrant and beautiful color combinations that are sure to brighten up a shady area in any landscape! Here at Home Nursery, we grow 5 beautifully unique varieties of Heucherella.

‘Catching Fire’

catchingfireThis Heucherella has bright chartreuse leaves with fire-shaped red veining in the middle. I think the leave shape of this particular Heucherella most closely resembles a heuchera leaf. It gets about 0.75’ tall and spreads out up to 1.75’. Of all the Heucherella we grow, it is the most versatile in terms of sunlight. It can withstand full sun or full shade; however, it does retain its color best in at least part shade. In May, creamy white flowers bloom that attract bees and make excellent filler in cut flower arrangements.


Fun and Games® 'Eye Spy'

eye_spyEye Spy is a similar selection from Proven Winners® that also has chartreuse leaves with drastic red veining in the center. However, these leaves are more angular and more closely resemble those of a Tiarella leaf. In May, this Heucherella’s bright pink flowers intensify the red veining of the leaves and creates a great display of color in part shade or full shade. This Heucherella also gets 0.75’ tall and up to 1.75’ wide.   



‘Golden Zebra’

Gold-ZebraPerhaps this plant was named Golden Zebra because it is hard to tell if it has red leaves with yellow edges, or yellow leaves with red centers. Just like the age-old question: are zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Either way, the dual colored leaves are extremely bright and eye-catching with a whimsical feathered look. The plant itself gets 0.75’ tall and about 1.25’ wide. This is a white-flowered cultivar that blooms June-July.



‘Solar Eclipse’

Solar-EclipseSolar Eclipse is a selection from Southern Living Plants. This is a very beautiful cultivar with dark mahogany leaves outlined in a vibrant lime green. Looking at it, you can definitely see where it gets its name as the dark red coloration almost seems to be blocking out the bright green. As an added effect, the leaves are more rounded and less angular. If you don’t have much shade in your yard, this Heucherella is the plant for you! It prefers full sun to part shade. Solar Eclipse is a very fun plant and a must-have for any plant enthusiast.


‘Sweet Tea’

Sweet-TeaSweet Tea cultivar is the largest Heucherella we grow at 1.75’ tall and 2.25’ wide. It is a beautiful collection of oranges and reds that lighten and darken throughout the growing season for a fabulous display of color. To me, these colors scream fall and would make a nice addition to a fall planter with flowering kale, mums, and ornamental peppers. If you plant them in the ground after, white flowers will emerge in June-July. Sweet Tea prefers part shade.


              These 5 vibrant cultivars are perfect for that partly shaded problem area in your yard. Their large bold leaves pair well with the small delicate blue flowers of Brunnera and dusty blue-leaved hostas like Hadspen Blue or Fragrant Blue. Other great companion plants include astilbe and of course Heuchera. I recommend using a green leaved heuchera like Spearmint or Appletinni so as not to overpower a planting bed with too much color since many of the Huecherella’s have multiple foliage colors already. Try out these stunning Heucherella and let us know what you think!


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