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6 Signs that Spring is Here

Posted by Chloe Smith

 Winter seems to last forever, especially with the promise of spring plants right around the corner. Here are 6 signs that spring is here, or awfully close!

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Perennial Creeping Phlox-Review

Posted by Crystal Gebke

 Review of Perennial Creeping Phlox

My Grandma was an avid gardener. She kept an immaculate, huge vegetable garden and some small fruits. She wasn’t very much into the landscape/ ornamental part. The ornamental part she did great (besides her handful of hybrid tea roses) were bulbs and phlox. The tulips, daffodils, alliums, and crocus flowering above the sea of flowering creeping phlox was so refreshing after the long winter. I always wanted to transplant her bulbs and phlox to my yard, but seeing them where she planted them brings a smile to my face every spring. 

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Analyzing usage and needs for spring

Posted by Crystal Gebke

Analyzing Usage And Needs For Spring

Before you lock up the garden center untill spring or leave on that vacation, take some time to plan next year. Late fall is a great time to prepare for the crazy spring that will be here before you know it. Brainstorm with your sales team- what worked well, what didn’t go over well, how can you improve certain events, what are some new things you can do to draw customers into your location etc.

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