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Blue Hollies vs. China Hollies (comparison)

Posted by Dave Morgenroth

Blue Prince and Princess Hollies vs. China Boy and China Girl Hollies-Which Variety Is Better??

Blue Prince/Blue Princess Hollies, and China Boy/China Girl Hollies are part of the group of Meserve Hybrid Hollies first bred nearly 40 years ago. They are broadleaf evergreens and have found an important place, as well as continue to play an outstanding role in landscape plantings. Blue Prince/Blue Princess Hollies, and China Boy/China Girl Hollies have similar characteristics, yet differ from each other in many ways.

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Where Should Junipers Be Planted?

Posted by Paul Blanche

Juniperus Virginiana "Canaertii"


      "The Right Plant For The Right Space"

How important is it to select the right plant for the right place? Just ask my neighbor Fred. Recently he asked, "Hey Paul, why are my hostas always crispy brown and my roses rarely bloom?" Well Fred, I'm glad you asked.....I think.

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Best Grasses For Small Areas

Posted by Jeff VanBuren

The Best Grasses For Small Areas

You know that small spot in your landscape where you just don’t know what to fill it with? Annuals would work great, but you don’t want to have to replant them every year. Well how about using one of many small ornamental grasses? 

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What Are The Benefits of Trees

Posted by Jacob VanOteghem

Trees Work

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Top 5 Over-used Landscape Plants

Posted by Crystal Gebke

Top 5 Over-used Landscape Plants and Possible Replacements

Driving around looking at landscapes (both old and new) can become quite boring. Same plants used over and over again. This is usually because they are low-maintenance or flower a long time. Both of which I understand, but there are some great alternatives. 

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What Plants Bloom In The Fall?

Posted by Mark Luchtefeld

What Plants Bloom In The Fall?

If you surveyed a large group of people and asked each to name a fall blooming plant, the majority would probably say Mum (Chrysanthemum).  When I think of fall blooming plants, the Mum comes first to my mind too.  And why not?   Mums flower naturally from August to November in many different colors and shapes.  And, at this time of year they are being sold by EVERYBODY and his brother.  Of course, Mums are great but... there ARE other fall blooming plants and some of them are very cool!  

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What Should I Plant In The Fall?

Posted by Keith Dintelmann

Autumn Brings Opportunities To The Active Gardener

If you have been in the Nursery business for any length of time you know that spring is the busiest time of the year.  Coming out of the dreary winter months most people look forward to getting out into their yards and gardens in an effort to bring some life back into their landscapes. To that end garden shops are stampeded by gardeners looking for fertilizers and seeds and plants and tools. Yards get fertilized, shrubs get pruned, and flowers are planted, all with the idea of breathing color back into our lives.  It is an exciting time of year for the gardening enthusiast.

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Heptacodium miconioides-Seven Sons Flower (Review)

Posted by Ann Tosovsky

Fall Blooming Tree-Heptacodium, Seven Sons Flower

Fall is typically the season where everyone is enjoying the changing foliage colors on trees and shrubs in the landscape and there's not much to look at in the way of flowers with the exception of the usual the fall mums and asters and a few other perennials.  But not every plant follows the typical blooming schedule of spring or summer.  Heptacodium miconioides is a distincitive small tree that not only blooms in the fall, but has several other exciting features as well.

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How To Grow Blueberries

Posted by Ryan Hinrichs

How To Grow Blueberries 

There is a trend that keeps on rising and it's growing your own produce in your backyard. People feel a sense of confidence knowing that they produce their own fruits. Growing blueberries fit in with organic gardening due to the seldom use of pesticides to control bugs. Blueberries are a popular choice in home gardening, as long as you know how to grow them. Blueberries grow in zones ranging from three to ten. These plants have bright green leaves and little white flowers in the spring season then turn a reddish-orange color in the fall.

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Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’ Vs. Hydrangea ‘Little Lamb’ (Comparison)

Posted by Ann Tosovsky

Hydrangea 'Little Lime' Vs. Hydrangea 'Little Lamb' (Comparison)

‘Little Lamb’ Hydrangea and ‘Little Lime’ Hydrangea are two newer varieties of paniculata hydrangeas introduced by Proven Winners over the last few years.  They share a lot of similarities in terms of size, bloom time and sun requirements, yet have some distinctive differences.  Deciding which plant to incorporate into the landscape might be a bit difficult because of the many options of hydrangeas in general, let alone trying to discern among hydrangea varieties that appear to be very similar.  So, here is a basic side by side comparison of both plants.

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