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Is the Hydrangea Lavalamp™ Series the Next Best Panicle Hydrangea?

Posted by Chloe Smith

This blog post will examine capability of the Hydrangea Lavalamp™ series to excel in a hydrangea saturated market by looking at the expected performance and bloom quality of each variety in the series. For more information regarding these particular varieties of plants, visit www.bloomingeasyplants.com.

No one can argue that hydrangeas have dominated the industry for many years. Even people without a green thumb can generally recognize a hydrangea flower. They are a garden icon in landscapes, flower arrangements, and decorative containers. The widespread hydrangea craze can be attributed to the introduction of reblooming varieties of hydrangeas. More specifically, the Endless Summer® variety that was groundbreaking for its ability to bloom on both new and old wood. It’s easy to see why consumers are drawn to hydrangeas with their reblooming capacity, multiseason interest, and vibrant pink/blue colors, two of the most popular landscaping colors.

Bloomin’ Easy® opted to jump on the band wagon in 2017 when they introduced three cultivars of blooming_easyhydrangeas into the Lavalamp™ series: Flare™, Candelabra™, and Moonrock™. The hydrangea in this series were bred to have a more compact and tidy habit to better accommodate the modern style of landscaping. Yards are getting smaller. Smaller yards require smaller plants, thus smaller hydrangeas. These varieties also offer large, full, panicle blooms with unique, eye-catching colors. Consumers are often hesitant to shy away from the familiar and reliable Hydrangea paniculata varieties they know, such as Limelight. However, consumers are equally excited with the promise of a compact hydrangea that will not get leggy like other panicle hydrangea tend to. At the 2017 Cultivate trade show, the Hydrangea Lavalamp™ series won the ‘Retailers Choice Award’ creating momentum for the up and coming series. Only time will tell if these new hydrangeas will climb the ranks in popularity and become one of the best.      

Hydrangea Lavalamp™ Flare™

These blooms emerge white and then gracefully age into the brightest red-pink of any Hydrangea paniculata hydrangea_lavalamp_flareon the market! These huge blooms sit atop a small plant capping out at about 2-3’ wide and tall. It’s size and vibrant color make it ideal for a tight space in the landscape or a decorative planter. It is hardy to zone 3 and requires 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.



 Hydrangea Lavalamp™ Candelabra™

hydrangea-pan-ll-candelabraThese blooms emerge a creamy white and fade into a bright red throughout the duration of summer.  These candle-shaped blooms are proudly displayed on sturdy red stems that provided added winter interest for this variety. Candelabra™ is slightly larger than Flare™, growing to about 4-6’ tall and wide. It is hardy to zone 3 and requires 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.


Hydrangea Lavalamp™ Moonrock™

Moonrock has beautifully full blooms that emerge creamy white with a lime green center. They hold that colorhydrangea_lavalamp_moonrock throughout the entire summer. This variety really embodies the series name, since the chunky bright green flowers have that groovy lava lamp feel. Moonrock™ grows to about 4-6’ tall and wide with sturdy stems that prevent flopping. It is hardy to zone 3 and requires 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.


Now that we have introduced you to the 3 members of the Hydrangea Lavalamp™ series, do you think that any of these 3 could become a powerhouse in the industry? 







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