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Crapemyrtle vs. Knock Out® Roses (comparison)

Posted by Paul Blanche

Two Great Flowering Shrubs- Crapemyrtle vs. Knock Out® Roses

Two of my favorite flowering shrubs are Knock Out® roses and crape myrtle [lagerstroemia]. It's hard to beat the all season blooms and variety of colors both shrubs provide.

Crapemyrtle have a minimum hardiness zone of 6-7 and root hardiness of 5-6. Crapemyrtle is widely used in the south and planted as far north as Missouri, Kansas, Southern Illinois, etc. Knock Out® roses are planted throughout the lower and upper midwest and hardy to zone 4.

Both plants have great disease resistance and take well to pruning. There are some dwarf varities of Crapemyrtle that have been very popular. Most Crapemyrtles can grow to a very large size.

crapemyrtle pocomokeOne dwarf variety that I like is 'Pocomoke' [lagerstroemia indica X]. 'Pocomoke' has dark green foliage with deep rose pink flowers which blooms from mid-summer to frost. It is a true dwarf Crapemyrtle with an average size of 2' high and 3' wide.

Cherry dazzle [lagerstroemia Indica 'Ganad I'] Crapemyrtle is one of the most recent varities being used. With beautiful bronze leaves opening incherry dazzle crapemyrtle spring followed by masses of red showy flowers through summer. With  reddish purple leaves in the fall, this plant has season long appeal. Another compact grower to 3-5' tall and wide. Both varities have great disease resistance.

Knock Out® roses need no introduction offering red, pink, yellow and white flowers. Knock Out® has a deep cherry red flower and very carefree habit that flowers from spring to fall. TheKnock Out Roses dark green foliage is a nice contrast to the flower. Sunny Knock Out® opens yellow and fades to a creamy white when fully open. Like knockout it also offers a dark green foliage. The Knock Out® series has great disease resistance and offers a nice alternative to other flowering shrubs.

Crapemyrtle and Knock Out® roses are popular choices for the gardener with their season long show of flowers and disease resistance.



photos: Crapemyrtle 'Pocomoke'-www.aragriculture.org
           Cherry Dazzle Crapemyrtle-www.cals.ncsu.edu
           Knock Out® Rose-Missouri Botanical Garden

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