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Creating Screens With Limited Space

Posted by Angela Jackson

Using Evergreens For Screening A Small Space

Arborvitae North PoleTM—Thuja occidentalis ‘Art Boe’ P.P.A.F.

This columnar Arborvitae is a great tree for narrow hedges, small gardens and accent plantings.  North PoleTM, a selection of the Arborvitae o. ‘Hetz Wintergreen’, has a superior resistance to winter burn and exhibits excellent cold-hardiness.  The year-round deep green foliage keeps its branching down to the ground as it ages.   With a width of 5 to 7 feet, this tree slowly reaches 12 to 14 feet high.  It has a naturally symmetric, conical habit.

-Zone 2-8
-Habit Columnar
-Height 12 ft. - 14 ft.
-Width 5 ft. - 7 ft.
-Foliage Color  Dark green
-Light Requirements      Full sun
Arborvitae North Pole
 Photo: Proven Winners © 2013 Proven Winners, LLC                                          

The genus Taxus is a tried and true ornamental that offers year-round color and structure to the landscape for many years when designed into the landscape using the proper cultivars.  Taxus will grow in a wide range of conditions from full sun to shade and in soils with poor fertility.  Unlike many plants, Taxus will grow in dry and semi-compacted sites.  They are tolerant of heavy pruning and can be sheared for a formal appearance or lightly pruned to a more natural effect.  Widely used in the entire Mid-West, with customers as far away as Oklahoma City and Tulsa (Zone 7), to Minnesota (Zone 4).  It is important that Taxus have good drainage.  If the chosen site is too wet, Taxus will develop root rot and die.

Taxus cuspidata ‘Columnaris’ –Adam’s yew  
This is an upright selection used in the landscape where a tall narrow screen is desired.  This is
often selected as a substitute for Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’ because of its faster growth rate and fullness at the base.  In addition, it exhibits horizontal growth so that it fills in hedges more quickly and densely than other uprights.

Taxus adams columnaris
-Zone 4-7
-Habit Conical, Upright
-Height 10 ft. - 12 ft.
-Width 3 ft.
-Foliage Color Bright Green
-Light Requirements     Sun to Shade




Taxus c. ‘Fastigiata’ CaptainTM    

This pyramidal yew was selected for its uniform base and deep green winter color.  Cutting grown for uniformity, this clone was chosen as an alternative to seedling grown 'Capitata’.  CaptainTM  is more resistant to winter burn in many Midwestern winters and it transplants and adapts more readily in the landscape. 

Taxus fastigiata captains blog
-Zone 4-7
-Habit Pyramidal, Upright
-Height 10 ft. - 12 ft.
-Width 3 ft. - 5 ft.
-Foliage Color Deep Green
-Light Requirements      Sun to Shade


Taxus x media ‘Viridis’   

‘Viridis’ offers a fresh accent for the landscape and a compact, slow growing upright form.  Foliage is twisted and  lighter green than typical, with new growth bright yellow-green.

taxus viridis
-Zone 4-7
-Habit Very narrow, Conical, Upright
-Height 10 ft. - 12 ft. 
-Width 1 ft. - 2 ft.
-Foliage Color Bright green
-Light Requirements      Sun to Shade

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