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How To Improve Your Home's Landscaping Curb Appeal

Posted by Dave Morgenroth

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

We have all driven by homes in our neighborhoods that really standout among most of the other properties in the area. They seem to have it all together, with just the right blend of color, variety, and visual interest. They have curb appeal!

Why is curb appeal important? According to the American Nursery and Landscape Association, alandscaping curb appeal well-executed landscape design can improve the property value anywhere from 7-14%. In today’s real estate market, many real estate agents will tell you that curb appeal improvements may just be what the doctor ordered to help make your property more saleable.

Let’s talk about some ways to improve curb appeal. I was involved with landscape design work many years ago, and here are some tips I’d recommend:

  • Remove overgrown trees and shrubs at the front entryway. Most all of us have gone on vacation and brought back those small evergreen trees we all love, and have planted them adjacent to our front entry stoops, or between twowindows along the foundation. They are cute little plants when small, but they grow into huge overpowering trees that dwarf our homes. We can’t find our front doors! The front door should be an essential focal point for the overall landscape design.
  • Plants installed in groupings most often will have more visual impact than planting too many different varieties of plant material in a small area.
  • Layering of plant material, with larger plant material in the background, gradually stair-stepping lower-growing plants toward the front of the beds will promote depth in the planting.
  • Pruning, re-edging and mulching of the planting beds will help to give an older landscape a “fresh” look.
  • Creative use of planters and containers with seasonal color will help enhance the landscape.

Here’s a tip from Kevin McGowen, with Kaknes Landscape Supply, in Naperville, IL, one of our customers at Home Nursery. He says “ I can always tell when a homeowner has made all of their purchases during a particular season of the year, as there is a limited amount of color in their
landscape. I believe it is essential to incorporate color in the landscape during all seasons of the year, with a balance of flower color, fruit color, fall leaf color, as well as winter texture.”

So remember, while changing the paint color of your home may be helpful, increasing curb appeal through landscape improvements may provide one of the best returns for your investment to increase property value!

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