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Lilacs: Popular Plants For The Landscape

Posted by Paul Blanche

Lilacs:  Popular Plants For The Landscape

Lilacs are one of the most popular plants for the landscape. The fragrance and flower color are unmistakable in the spring. The fragrance always reminds me that spring is here. Lilac flowers range in color from a lavender pink to a deep purple and are very fragrant.  There are many varieties of lilacs, but some of my favorites for the landscape are the Josee Reblooming Lilac, the Bloomerang Lilac, Miss Kim Lilac, and the dwarf Korean Lilac.  The Josee and Bloomerang have the additional benefit of re-blooming throughout the summer.  

Josee reblooming Lilac (Syringa ‘Josee’ )                                                                        

lilac josee

The Josee Lilac is an asset to any landscape because it blooms from spring until fall, has moderate to fast growth, and is low maintenance.  The blooms are trumpet flowers with a lavender-pink color.  To keep this plant blooming, it is important to prune it soon after the blooms die.  It can be used as a specimen plant or planted in multiples to form a hedge or border.  When planted in multiples, it can attract butterflies to your landscape.  This lilac has a height of four to six feet and a spread of four to five feet.  They require full sunlight.  The Josee is recommended for zones 2 to 9.

 (photo:  Michigan Bulb)




Bloomerang Reblooming Lilac (Syringa x ‘Penda’ )                                                                          

 Lilac bloomerangAnother re-bloomer that I like is the Bloomerang Purple Lilac.  It blooms throughout the season, unlike most lilacs, which only bloom in the spring.  The flowers are a light purple which is a nice contrast to the green leaves of the plant.  This plant also attracts butterflies and is deer resistant.  The Bloomerang Lilac grows to a height of four to five feet with a spread of four to five feet. I think it works best as a foundation or border plant. This lilac does best in zones 3 to 7. 






(photo: Proven Winners)

Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa ‘Patula’)

miss kim lilac

The Miss Kim Lilac is a native to China and Korea.  This lilac blooms in mid-May to early June, when other non-re-blooming lilacs are finished.  However, this lilac takes well to pruning and may offer late blooms.  The flowers are a pale lilac.  On of the wonderful things about this lilac is the dark glossy green foliage, which turns burgundy red in the fall.  It is valued for short formal and informal hedges and foundation plantings. Also makes a nice cut flower.  It grows to six to eight feet but can easily be kept trimmed at four feet.  The spread for this lilac is five to seven feet.  It is recommended for zones 3 to 8.

 (photo: http://greenthumbinzone5.blogspot)




Dwarf Korean Lilac(Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’)

dwarf korean lilacThe Dwarf Korean Lilac is probably the most widely used lilac in landscaping. It has always been one of my favorite lilacs for it’s compact and rounded habit and good resistance to powdery mildew.  This lilac is native to northern China and Japan.  It blooms in mid to late spring with reddish-purple buds opening to a pale lilac fragrant flower.  It has small shiny dark green leaves, which turn a yellowish-green in the fall.  It grows four to five feet tall and five to seven feet wide, which is much smaller and denser than other lilac bushes.  This lilac is ideal for borders, informal hedges, and foundation plantings.  It is recommended for zones 3 to 7.

(photo: jfschmidt.com)


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