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Weigela Shining Sensation vs. Weigela Rainbow Sensation (comparison)

Posted by Paul VanOteghem

Comparison of Wegela Shining Sensation vs Weigela Rainbow Sensation

Having been used in North America supposedly since colonial times, one might think the last thing we need is another Weigela… Right?    

The old-fashioned Weigela florida or Cardinal shrub has long been a staple in many gardens.  Prized for its floriferous nature, breeders have been messing with this plant for a long time.  Modern era efforts have brought us hardy varieties out of Canada with the Dance series featuring varieties such as ‘Rumba’, ‘Minuet’, ‘Polka’, and several others.  The Proven Winner Wine series brought a collection of different leaf colors and different sizes.  Among that series are ‘Wine and Roses’, ‘Fine Wine’, ‘Midnight Wine’ and most recently ‘Spilled Wine’.  PW has also introduced a line of rebloomers named the Sonic Bloom series.  This is by no means an exhaustive list with reportedly more than 200 cultivars to choose from with hardiness ranges from zones 4-10. 

Well I’m here to tell you to make room for two more! 

First Editions® Collection

The First Edition collection has introduced two very noteworthy selections that should be given consideration: First Editions® Shining Sensation™ Weigela & First Editions® Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela     Both have some unique characteristics that might have a place in many gardens. 

Characteristics of Shining Sensation

First Editions Shining Sensation WeigelaShining Sensation Weigela is a full sun, intermediate sized arching shrub with a mature height of 5-6’ and a spread of 3-4’.First Editions Shining Sensation Weigela This plant is loaded with pink funnel-shaped flowers appearing in late spring, and sporadically throughout the summer.  The really distinctive feature of this introduction is its shiny burgundy foliage which serves as an excellent backdrop to its own pink blooms and any other blooming plant placed in front of it in the garden.  As with most Weigela, an added bonus is that the hummingbirds and butterflies love the blooms. 

Characteristics of Rainbow Sensation

first editions rainbow sensation weigelaRainbow Sensation Weigelais a slightly more diminutive, full sun shrub
with a 3-4’ height and 3-4’ spread.  The month of May brings on an abundant show of soft pink flowers.  Rainbow Sensation’s distinctive is its attractive, green and yellow variegated foliage.  This will give a real pop of color in any landscape.  This variety is also attractive to the butterflies and hummingbirds.  Both of these tough shrubs are hardy in zones   4-8 and are well suited to urban environments.    first sensation rainbow sensation weigela






There you have it…Two more Weigela.  Enjoy!

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