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Best Roses for Small Spaces (Review)

Posted by Dave Morgenroth

Drift Roses-Great Landscape Plants for Smaller Spaces

The Drift series of roses has been developed as a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. They are naturally dwarf, typically growing to be 2-3' wide and 1 1/2 ' in height. The roses appear to be winter hardy to zone 4, and have good disease resistance.pink drift rose They are best suited for a sunny location, in a well-drained soil. They tend to re-flower several times throughout the growing season, with deadheading or light-pruning recommended in order to encourage more flowering.

How Drift Roses Are Used

Drift roses can serve several functions in the landscape where there is limited planting space. They work well on a sloped area as a groundcover, as a facer plant in front of larger plant material, and as border plants.

Drift Rose Colors

Apricot Drift has an apricot-pink double-flower, Sweet Drift has a double clear pink flower,
Coral Drift has a mounded coral-orange flower, Pink Drift has a mounded deep pink flower, Red Drift has the most petite flower head of the Drift series, Peach Drift is perhaps the most floriferous variety with peach pink flowers, and Popcorn Drift is a mutation of Peach Drift, with yellow-cream flowers.

From my perspective, the Drift roses are a very welcomed addition to the landscape where there is a need for smaller-scaled plants with fairly continuous color throughout the growing season.




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