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First Editions Hypericum (Review)

Posted by Paul VanOteghem

First Editions Hypericum

Hypericum…an old plant with nearly 400 species in the genus and touted since the 1600’s for its medicinal benefits.  All that is very interesting, but I really don’t care.  What I do care about is growing plants that sell, and I really think the First Editions offering of Hypericum is going to be a big seller.  While it just entered our production pipeline late in the 2012 growing season, and I personally haven’t “finished” any plants yet, I have seen them elsewhere, and they are hot.  Not only does it have the showy bright yellow bloom in the spring, but clean dark green foliage serves as an excellent backdrop to the spectacular fruit show in the fall.  The first time I saw them I thought they had the same showy effect of an ornamental pepper, and in some cases I could see them being used as a fall color replacement for mums.  Used singularly or en masse in the landscape, or as a cut in floral arrangements, I believe they will really make a splash.  Listed as being hardy in zones 5-9 and sporting a compact habit with a height of 30-36” and a width of 24-30”, they strike me as being a group of plants with a lot of potential in a lot of places.  Shown below is the array of striking colors and their description straight from First Editions catalog.  


Hypericum Beautyfirst editions beautyBeauty Hypericum is covered with bright yellow blossoms in spring and large clusters of salmon-pink berries each fall.  




 hypericum pumpkin

first editions pumpkinPumpkin Hypericum is covered with yellow         flowers in spring, followed by clusters of glowing  orange berries each fall.




whitefirst editions white

White Hypericum has bright white fruits on a well branched shrub.  Whether it's in the garden or as cuts for your home.




first editions red star

hypericum red star

Red Star Hypericum is covered with yellow blossoms in spring and clusters of red berries each fall. 





hypericum green

first editions green

Green Hypericum has bright green fruits on this perfectly branched variety.




These multi-seasonal flowering shrubs will start being available from Home Nursery in late spring/early summer 2013 so be watching for them.first editions

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