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Best Spreading Junipers In The Midwest

Posted by Jeff VanBuren

Best Spreading Junipers In The Midwest (Reviews/Ratings) 

When you hear the word Juniper, do you think about that overgrown prickly bush in front of your grandma’s house? I think visions of such a bush come to many people who hear the “J” word. Well that’s just not true anymore. There are varieties of Junipers that would look great in just about any landscape anywhere. Spreading Junipers have about as many uses as there are varieties, and that’s a bunch. Three of the best-selling Junipers in the Midwestern area are Sea Green, Grey Owl, and Saybrook Gold and trust me these are not your grandma’s old Junipers. 

1.  Juniper Sea Green – Juniperus chinensis 'Sea Green'

Juniper sea green

This is one of the most popular selling spreading Junipers in the Midwest. It has dark green foliage on arching branches and gets 5’ – 6’ tall and 5’ – 8’ wide. Sea Green Juniper has many uses. It can be used as a foundation plant, a screen, a mass planting, a hedge, to hide electrical boxes, or because of its arching branches it can be used just by itself. Sea Green prefers full sun but will tolerate some light shade. It will grow in most soils, but does not like to be too wet.

2.      Juniper Grey Owl– Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl'

Grey Owl Juniper has blue / gray foliage and gets 3’ – 6’ high and 4’ – 8’ widejuniper grey owl. Because of its unique color, it can be used as a year around color plant in the landscape. It will do best if planted in full sun. Grey Owl will tolerate most soils, but like other Junipers it does not like to have wet feet. With its powder blue foliage Grey Owl Junipers look great against a red brick wall or with just about any other plant.


3.      Juniper Saybrook Gold – Juniperus chinensis 'Saybrook Gold'

This variety probably has the best yellow color of all the yellow tinged Junipers.juniper saybrook gold It will always have the yellow in it, but it will be the brightest in the spring and summer. Saybrook Gold gets 3’ – 4’ high and 4’ – 6’ wide and has a layered branching habit. Like the other Junipers it likes full sun, will grow in most soils, and does not like to be too wet. This is another great evergreen to add some year around color to a landscape. Since Saybrook Gold does not get as big as some of the other spreading Junipers, it can at times be planted under windows.


All three of these Junipers are very versatile and hardy. Whether in a residential or commercial landscape any one of them could be used as a stand alone plant or in groups. In a commercial setting they can be used in islands or to border parking lots as well as be planted up by the building. They are all tough and can be very low maintenance. Any of them can be left to grow naturally or be heavily sheared. They are all very drought tolerant, disease resistant, and deer don’t like to eat them. So don’t be afraid of the “J” word any more. These are just three of a group of spreading Junipers that would not only fit in just about anywhere, but would also be very aesthetically pleasing.

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