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River Birch (Betula Nigra)-Review

Posted by Paul Blanche

Description of River Birch- Betula Nigra 

River Birch treeA favorite and widely used landscape ornamental grown as a single or multi stem tree.

The exfoliating brown bark is the most attractive feature of this plant.  It is very interesting in all seasons especially in winter contrasted off of snow. Darker brown branches are highlighted off of the lighter cream to light brown color trunk.

Found naturally along streams and rivers as it enjoys wet feet, River birch also does well in normal to dry areas and is very heat tolerant.

Effective when planted near structures or in the open as a single tree or in massing. River birch is a medium to fast grower. I find the multi-stem form the most attractive.

Grows 40 to 70’ tall and 40-60’ wide with a pyramidal habit in youth to a more rounded outline at maturity.






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