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What are the Best Qualities of Winter King Hawthorn? (Review)

Posted by Dave Morgenroth

Best Qualities of Winter King Green Hawthorn (Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King’ )

I had the opportunity to grow this plant several years ago, and it has always been one of my favorite ornamental trees, as it has several great qualities.

Winter King Hawthorn grows in a somewhat vase-shape habit, reaching 20-35 feet high and wideHawthorn Winter King at maturity. The bark is of a greenish-gray color, and the foliage has a lustrous green color, often with a purplish fall color. The tree flowers in May, with white 2” corymbs. One of the most striking aspects of the tree is the bright red fruit set that persists into the winter, providing a spectacular contrast to snow cover.

This tree seems to thrive in most soil conditions, and is often used as a specimen or in groups. Conifers such as Colorado Spruce and Norway Spruce planted nearby provide a great opportunity for color contrast and companion plantings.

Winter King Hawthorn is one of the most outstanding hawthorns in my opinion, as it exhibits an excellent symmetrical growth habit, has an abundant flowering period, and persistent winter fruit. These attributes make the plant an outstanding candidate for landscape use.

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