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Best Shade Tree For Fall Color--Maple October Glory (Review)

Posted by Tim Tosovsky

What's the best shade tree for fall color?? Maple October Glory, of course.

Maple October GloryThese trees are ideal for landscaping and grow fast requiring minimal attention. October Glory maple trees quickly mature into an oval shape, reaching up 40 – 50 feet with a spread of 25’ – 30’ making them excellent shade trees. In the spring they produce red flowers and in the summer they have dark green leaves. The picture to the left show’s some of the most intense red foliage in the fall of all maples. October Glory retains their leaves later in the season than other deciduous trees, which provides a longer display.

If you are considering adding a tree to your landscaping, consider the October Glory Maple. It is one of the reddest red maples available. Combine that with easy maintenance, versatility and the ability to grow in many types of soils and you have the perfect specimen.

It also attracts birds, squirrels and other small wildlife. Use October Glory to provide a focal point in your yard, line the driveway or just add shade to the yard. October Glory is your best bet. October Glory has been my favorite for all seasons but especially in the late fall and winter.  Remember fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.          

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