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What are the Benefits of Living Christmas Trees

Posted by Mark Luchtefeld

What are the benefits of living Christmas Trees?

Years and years ago my dad would bring home a fresh cut Balsam fir. The fragrance in the house was great and it was really fun to decorate. Usually after 10 days or so it would start dropping needles. Naturally with 6 boys trapped in the house during Christmas vacation needle drop became an entertainment game. Whoever dropped the most needles in one flick of the branch was the winner.

Aluminum Christmas tree

Over the years there have been different types of Christmas trees that have made a name forthemselves. The aluminum Christmas tree was trendy for a while with the spot light and color wheel shining on the tree. Decorating this type of tree was simply putting a few big ornaments on it and that was about it. No tinsel or popcorn garland. This tree took all the fun out of Christmas decorating, but it did not drop needles!!! 

Plastic Christmas trees became the "in thing". Early on they looked very artificial and even your imagination couldn't make it look like a good tree. We would decorate it with a few lights and ornaments and maybe some garland and sit back and smell the plastic. This tree did not drop needles so we couldn't play our game and we didn’t get to burn it after the holiday season; very disappointing to young boys. Artificial trees are still very popular today and have come a long way in looking much more authentic.

Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental issues has made a stronger push towards using living Christmas trees.  There are several benefits living Christmas trees bring when used in the home during the holidays, some tangible and some intangible, but important none the less.

Benefits of Living Christmas Trees

  • Having a living tree in the home is a great way to build traditions and memories with the family. After the holidays the tree can be planted in the yard where everyone can watch it grow year after year.

  • Living trees provide a wonderfully fragrant smell that will be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Real Christmas trees are a renewable resource. For every tree harvested 2-3 seedlings are planted in its place. 

  • While real trees are growing they produce large amounts of oxygen as well as remove carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere.  They are also home to many types of wildlife.

  • The risk of fire is reduced when using a real tree during the holidays

  • When properly planted in the landscape real Christmas trees can lower the cost of heating and cooling.

Balled and Burlapped or Container Christmas Tree?

There are two options when it comes to the type of living tree you can buy when deciding to purchase a living Christmas tree. Balled and burlapped trees are one option as a living Christmas tree. Because they are grown in the ground and harvested with the roots and soildecorated potted Christmas tree around it, these trees tend to be very heavy.  Those who purchase a B&B tree may opt for a smaller size that is a bit more manageable.  Trees grown in containers are another type of living Christmas tree.  These trees are lighter in weight making them easy to transport from the garden center to your home.  There are a wide range of sizes available giving consumers many options when choosing a container tree.

There are several different varieties of living Christmas Trees in addition to the most common types such as pine and Fir and Spruce. If you’re looking for something different try Hollies (Ilex Centennial Girl),Boxwood or any of the upright Juniper varieties for a good old fashion country Christmas.  Choose the size and type that fits your house and have fun!

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