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Top 3 Reasons To Plant Evergreens

Posted by Ann Tosovsky

Why Plant Evergreens?

Flowering shrubs are trending right now as gardeners are crazy for color. There are manyEvergreens attributes that make flowering shrubs such a popular choice in the garden. From pretty bloom color to fragrant flowers and outstanding fall color, flowering shrubs seem to have it all, right?  Not so fast.  What about the cold, dreary days of winter?  Where are the flowering shrubs then?  We must not forget how important evergreens are in the landscape.  Every plant has a purpose and evergreens are no exception. In fact they can be quite exceptional by filling some very important needs in the landscape.  Take a look at the top three reasons you should plant evergreens. 

  1. Color all year long

-Every landscape needs evergreens.  One of the basic design features of a landscape planting is making sure evergreens are incorporated into the plan.  Evergreens provide color and texture all year long which is a nice feature in the middle of winter when everything else looks dead and gloomy. 

  1. Provides wind break, privacy and noise reduction

-Larger evergreens make great plants for windbreaks.  Plants like pine, spruce and larger Junipers and Arborvitaes can help protect the house from snowstorms and wind.  For areas with noisy street activity evergreens provide a very good sound buffer. They can also provide shade which helps with energy efficiency.  Don’t forget they are beautiful and can add value to your home. 

  1. Habitat for small animals

Evergreens are important for animals as they make a good habitat. Birds use evergreens for nesting and other small animals use evergreens to escape from predators and as shelter from the elements.  Evergreens also serve as a food source for birds and small animals. 

So, as much as we love our flowering shrubs, perennial and annuals…please, don’t forget the evergreens!

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